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16 Entrambi questi fork non accettano donazioni. Administrator, it will show you the current status of Dailymotion Video Ads as seen in the screenshots below.

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Its monumental - like Galileo using a telescope for the first time, Professor Gonzalez said. Here is the file itself: block false; Thats all, one line.

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What to do now? 'buttons' : 'I will!' : 'class' : 'blue 'action function / Do nothing return;, 'Never!' : 'class' : 'gray 'action function / Redirect to some page window.

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The observation of the gravitational waves produced by the collision of the two back holes is officially known as GW150914. Physicists around the world confirmed they had detected unambiguous signals of gravitational waves emanating from the collision of two massive black holes.3 billion light years away in deep space. That's all note: You may have to close and open the browser (like Firefox, Chrome, IE etc) again for changes to take effect. This detection marks not only a confirmation of Einsteins theories but most exciting is that it is marks the birth of gravitational astronomy, said Professor Sheila Rowan, director of the University of Glasgows Institute for Gravitational Research. However, despite decades of searching, gravitational waves proved too elusive for the most sensitive of gravity-detecting instruments - until now.

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So currently IE versions 8 to 11 are supported. Judging by the uproar this decision brought, a large percentage of people will still opt in for complete blocking of ads or move to a different extension. Now you can tell who is using an ad blocker.