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Example: How to clear DNS cache? Open chrome net-internals dns and click on the Clear host cache button. You may then "Eject" and throw away this disk image. Use the simple free and open-source cpf-update-win batch script to automatically update both Chromium and PepperFlash.

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To prevent abuse, the site can audit each API request. So Chromium is not made by Google!

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Finally, there is no lkgr binary shared by the Chromium team. With your own Google API keys (Based on an original tutorial wrote by Chris Van Wiemeersch) Clicking on that yellow disclaimer message takes you to the confusing API Keys docs page. For a manual installation, read the part. About plugins Since version 57, the chrome plugins page no longer exists.

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For help, version 49 ( stable or portable ) works fine. (WOT settings Real-time protection Set to off) Browser VPN: Do not use Hola! This version uses a specific subfolder (named "Data directly in the main folder, for all user data. DNS services By default you are using the DNS servers of your ISP but you do not have to stick with them.

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So get it from the official sources: Adobe or Google. Hosts file Modify your hosts file to prevent your OS from connecting to domains who serve ads, spyware and malware. And if you want to follow new Chromium features, check the Google posts of the Chromium Evangelist at Google A yellow disclaimer message appear as a doorhanger: Google API Keys are missing.

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Sha1: 2d9ed08872beeab eab423d368e - mini_installer. Finally Except for stable and lkgr versions, this site uses the official Snapshots repository. Create a Browser API Key. In short: The official website is development oriented.

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Thanks a lot for developers! Browser crash You have encountered a browser crash or issue Few ways to help you: - To disable hardware acceleration: - To disable/enable a browser feature: chrome flags - To disable plugins: chrome plugins - To check for conflicting software: chrome conflicts - To disable. For Chromium (and Firefox Block Origin BO-Extra (Block ads, scripts and popups Alternatives: ScriptSafe, Adguard, Adblock Plus, AdBlock, NoScript) Matrix (Stop everyone from tracking you Alternatives: Disconnect, Ghostery, Privacy Badger, Blur, RequestPolicy) https Everywhere (Force to use secure connection https of websites Alternatives: KB SSL.