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Thanks for using. Instead of a SYN packet, Nmap initiates a FIN scan by using a FIN packet. Live host on the web.

OS Detection, scan using

Nmap scan report for, host is up (0.0030s latency). However, by doing so, it reveals its presence. Device type: general purpose, running: Microsoft Windows XP, with at least one open and one closed port on the target host, Nmap can detect the target OS effectively. This denotes the difficulty of predicting the initial sequence number. Txt, syntax of the executed command.

Detected, in, windows 8/10

The command line, to cut scan time -PN is used and port numbers are specified. A word of caution take care when you use the cidr notation. Not shown: 985 closed ports, pORT state service 80/tcp open http 135/tcp open msrpc 139/tcp open netbios-ssn 443/tcp open https 445/tcp open microsoft-ds 902/tcp open iss-realsecure 912/tcp open apex-mesh 1110/tcp filtered nfsd-status 5357/tcp open wsdapi 49152/tcp open unknown 49153/tcp open unknown 49154/tcp open unknown 49157/tcp.

Disable Startup Programs in Windows 7/8/10

Table 1: Analysing the output of an OS detection scan. Item, interpretation # NMap.00 scan initiated Tue Nov 30 21:04:17 2010 as: nmap -v -O -PN -p222, 1775 -sV -oIPCopOS. Since there is no earlier communication between the scanning host and the target host, the target responds with an RST packet to reset the connection.

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Item, interpretation nmap -O -v -oversiondetect. Network Distance: 1 hopOS detection performed.

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Device type: general purpose, running: Microsoft Windows Vista20087, oS details: Microsoft Windows Vista SP0 SP2, Server 2008, or Windows 7 Ultimate. Please report any incorrect results at http nmap. Initiating OS detection (try #1) against. Let us continue with some more intricacies of Nmap, by discussing various other command-line options.