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Not only can you be tracked by techniques such as cookies, but even your IP address leaves behind digital tracks that can be used to identify you and invade your privacy. Your online activities reveal intimate details about yourself including: banking and credit card information, medical history, passwords, and private communication. Anonymizers personal VPN routes all your traffic through an encrypted tunnel directly from your laptop to our secure and hardened servers and network.

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Currently, all of the Anonymizer servers and IP addresses are based within the.S. Hotspot Shield, but it works only with Wi-Fi, and it delivers ads as it works. Having said that, Anonymizer offers quick response to their clients. As with your desktop PC, it creates a VPN connection and encrypts all of your communications. Having said that, I have been testing VPN services for the past three years.

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The client is very slick and easy to use. Meanwhile, the provider utilises its own seperate IP rotation technology in order to automatically change a users IP address every day.

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The company has been in business since 1995, making them one of the oldest providers out there. VPN service provider Anonymizer is based in USA. Whether you post to Facebook or shop online, Anonymizer allows you to safely connect on Wi-Fi hotspots via our encrypted VPN tunnel.

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However, in order to get around that problem, the company are currently offering a 14 day trial period, so that users can get a taste of what to expect before taking the financial plunge. Though convenient, public Wi-Fi networks are often unsecured, creating a breeding ground for eavesdroppers and criminals. Our speed was nearly 12Mbps. Their pricing is competitive with other providers,.99 for twelve months of service.

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In addition, it encrypts all of your communications as your data travels across the internet, using L2TP/IPSec, in essence creating a secure, encrypted tunnel for you. Of course, we all want a fast connection, and that can be had with the security.

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Moreover, despite being based in the.S., which can bring with it some privacy concerns, the company insist on complete privacy for their customers and do not monitor their internet activity. In addition, some firewalls or anti-malware software may not allow Anonymizer Universal to connect. It all depends on how safe you believe you are, and what price you put on privacy. VPN Provider Comparison, anonymizer Review, general information, infrastructure.