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) self Get the height of the first element in the collection; or set the height of all elements in the collection. ) / all clicks inside links in the document (document).on click 'a function(e).

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In short, Zepto is expected to work in every modern browser and browser-like environment. MimeType (default: none override the mime type of the response. 29 The jQuery team uses it to test its code and plugins, but it can test any generic JavaScript code, including server-side JavaScript code.

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Json, note that you will need to give the command line config the file path to the configuration you downloaded from the site. Firefox, internet Explorer and its subversion: IEMobile, safari, opera and its subversion: Opera Mini.

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) collection Iterate over array elements or object key-value pairs. SVG filters svgfilters SVG foreignObject svgforeignobject Detects support for foreignObject tag in SVG. do this instead: wrapAll wrapAll(structure) self Wrap all elements in a single structure. Pass false to skip setting the default value.

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Flexbox (legacy) flexboxlegacy Flexbox (tweener) flexboxtweener Flex Line Wrapping flexwrap Detects support for the flex-wrap CSS property, part of Flexbox, which isnt present in all Flexbox implementations (notably Firefox). DOM Pointer Events API pointerevents Detects support for the DOM Pointer Events API, which provides a unified event interface for pointing input devices, as implemented in IE10. 4 5 jQuery's syntax is designed to make it easier to navigate a document, select.

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Note that you will need to update the provided configuration file with paths to the devFile and outputFile. CSS hsla Colors hsla CSS Hyphens CSS :invalid pseudo-class cssinvalid Detects support for the invalid' CSS pseudo-class. It's recommended to bind both mouse and touch/pointer events simultaneously see this html5 Rocks tutorial. Org (archived 2010) jquery-licensing-changes on jquery. If a function is given, return only elements for which the function returns a truthy value.