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LOL I installed it and the page I previously attempted to access did the exact same thing that it did before I installed this so called add-on to disable anti-adblock. Having a little trouble with these instructions?

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The option will bypass the ad blocker for the particular website but this will also cause other JavaScript to be disabled as well. But hey, at least you can get in to read your news without seeing all those other ads. Also, please dont forget that these ads are necessary for the free content that we publish and therefore you should think twice before blocking ads on a particular website and go ahead only if its extremely annoying.

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For most of us here, its the only source of daily bread and butter. Regarding Disqus, it seems they've joined something called m to monetize their site. Bottom line: it works. Maybe it didn't work for someone, or maybe it doesnt work on all sites where programmers are trying a myriad of monetizing and coding stunts; but maybe that someone didn't have certain other add-ons to supplement the blocking or didn't bother to tweak settings? Bonus tip #2 (m, m, m) Please see this Knowledge Base article for some custom filters that prevent these sites from raising that anti-adblock wall.

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I don't want to see ads, period. Anti-Adblock shows promise, rated 3 out of 5 stars. When you're prompted to confirm you want to subscribe to the list, click. Heres How to install.

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Created by: Rhana Cassidy, modified on: Thu, 25 May, 2017 at 12:07. And to deal with such websites, previously, we used some extra filters added manually in adblock tool as you can see in one example shown in image below. This method, which incorporates some of the steps we suggested above, also works on m and m (according to the comments, at least; your mileage may vary). But recently theres a temporary fix list available so that you dont have to add filters manually for different websites. 1, why is Firefox repeatedly crashing whenever I'm logged in to Reddit?

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(See "How does a website know you're using an ad blocker below.). Click to enlarge, thats it!