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6 Download the OpenVPN client on your virtual computer. We cant be easily shut down, and we cant be pressured by courts to implement stuff we would oppose.

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Its not clear if our questions were simply too tricky to answer in a positive light or whether there was some other reason, but disappointingly none of them responded to our emails, despite in some cases having acknowledged receipt of our questions. We do not share data with 3rd parties. We do not share data because we dont have. Remote_addr is:, main anonymous proxy test variables: http_forwarded non-existent, hTTP_X_forwarded_FOR non-existent, hTTP_client_IP non-existent, additional proxy variables: http_VIA non-existent, hTTP_xroxy_connection non-existent, hTTP_proxy_connection non-existent, other interresting info about you: http_useragent_VIA non-existent, hTTP_user_agent, mozilla/5.0 (Windows.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (khtml like Gecko) Chrome/29.0.1547.66 Safari/537.36.

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This is most commonly used to determine if customers are using the network to download torrents of copyrighted materials. We do not share any of our users information with third parties, period. We therefore ask our users not to distribute or transmit material which violates the copyright laws in either your country or the country in which our Service is hosted.

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This will set you back a few dollars every month, but will help ensure that you are browsing anonymously. IPVanish website, torrentPrivacy, response to Q1: We have connection logs, but we dont store IP addresses there.

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General VPN providers Anonine. A VPN can be thought of as a "tunnel" through the internet that connects you directly with a server. You will need to access the OpenVPN Connect Client to download the configuration file needed for your connection program. These are websites that route traffic through the proxy server.