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This is the basic implementation for an anti adblock stategy in WordPress. So the most simple working code example would be the following: script type"text/javascript" if ( ba_blocked true ) alert You are using adblock.

Chrome extension that bypasses anti, adBlock

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How to Bypass, adblock Detection on Any Website

More than one hundred websites are listed here as well that implement one of the anti-adblocking solutions. Js) from m Note: Test(m/qecfa7w) Step 4: Support Author Say Thanks OgKw1G) Donate It(p) Rate. According to the profile website, it works with Antiblock. It is a userscript that you can install in your web browser to bypass certain anti-adblocking solutions.

A website is asking me to disable

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script You can include this code into your website via the wp_footer-action, in a new js-file or just the line inbetween the script tags in an existing JavaScript code block that is used after the BlockAlyzer code in the footer. However, if there are some important elements that require JavaScript, it will be missing from the page and that may confuse you.