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If additional arguments are passed beyond the 2nd argument, they are applied to every invocation of the wrapped function in front of its actual arguments. Function(e, xhr, options) / This gets fired for every Ajax request performed on the page.

PgwJS - Lightweight, Easy-to-use Responsive jQuery / Zepto

Documentation, to detect the visitor's browser and platform, just call the following function: var pgwBrowser.pgwBrowser Browser detection compatibility, the following browsers are detected by our plugin: Chrome and its subversions: Chrome Mobile, Chrome for iOS, Chromium, Android Browser. ScrollLeft.1 scrollLeft number scrollLeft(value) self Gets or sets how many pixels were scrolled to the right so far on window or scrollable element on the page. Log s: s key, value) ).extend.extend(target, source, source2,.) target.extend(true, target, source,.) target.0 Extend target object with properties from each of the source objects, overriding the properties on target. To read DOM properties such as checked or selected, use prop. When an html string is given, use it to create DOM nodes.

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"os" - Returns the visitor's platform details. RemoveProp.2 removeProp(name) self Remove a property from each of the DOM nodes in the collection. Since.1.4, the default is false for dataType: "script" or jsonp. Jsonp (default: callback the name of the jsonp callback query parameter jsonpCallback (default: jsonpN the string (or a function that returns) name of the global jsonp callback function.

Js: the aerogel-weight jQuery -compatible JavaScript library

) self prop( name: value, name2: value2. OS / Platform compatibility, the following operating systems are detected by the plugin: Windows and, windows Phone, mac OS and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

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It is platform independent, cross-browser compatible and works on PC and mobile devices. Full version : The full version number, for example: "31.0" or "36.0.1985.125". Animate animate(properties, duration, easing, function. Old versions of Android). For other objects it will simply report object.