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Disadvantages In a typical operating system, most system calls are blocking. Priorities are assigned to each queue. A distributed system is a collection of autonomous elements with no concept of levels. Information Description 1 Process State The current state of the process.e., whether it is ready, running, waiting, or whatever. Each of these activities is encapsulated as a process.

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Following are the major activities of an operating system with respect to protection The OS ensures that all access to system resources is controlled. An error may occur in CPU, in I/O devices or in the memory hardware. Logic Bomb Logic bomb is a situation when a program misbehaves only when certain conditions met otherwise it works as a genuine program. 9 :16 Failure transparency The system is responsible for detection and remediation of system failures. A b c d Chow, Randy; Theodore Johnson (1997).

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File Structure A File Structure should be according to a required format that the operating system can understand. This technique allowed multiple program counters to each associate with one of 32 possible sequences of program code. Linked Allocation Each file carries a list of links to disk blocks.

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User programs and other system programs works in User Mode which has no access to system hardware and kernel code. Types of Thread Threads are implemented in following two ways User Level Threads User managed threads. Time-sharing or multitasking is a logical extension of multiprogramming. 9) For sharable resources, mutual exclusion : a) is required b) is not required c) None of these View Answer Answer: b Explanation: They do not require mutually exclusive access, and hence cannot be involved in a deadlock. Programs were required to specify in advance what resources they needed so that they could avoid conflicts with other programs running at the same time.

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Ignoring deadlock edit In this approach, it is assumed that a deadlock will never occur. The processors communicate with one another through various communication lines (such as high-speed buses or telephone lines). The OS scheduler determines how to move processes between the ready and run queues which can only have one entry per processor core on the system; in the above diagram, it has been merged with the CPU. Interrupt handlers An interrupt handler, also known as an interrupt service routine or ISR, is a piece of software or more specifically a callback function in an operating system or more specifically in a device driver, whose execution is triggered by the reception.

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Least frequently Used(LFU) algorithm The page with the smallest count is the one which will be selected for replacement. Each thread belongs to exactly one process and no thread can exist outside a process. 4 Data This section contains the global and static variables. Finally, the distributed operating system requires no pattern; direct and indirect connections are possible between any two elements.

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Virus Virus as name suggest can replicate themselves on computer system. For example the Linux kernel is used numerous operating systems including Linux, FreeBSD, Android and others. Have all the properties of a class C2 system. The OS ensures that external I/O devices are protected from invalid access attempts. Now write the dirty page out of disk and place the frame holding replaced page in free pool.