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Technical background information for those who are interested in how it works: If you want share you macros ( social scripting ) and select the option "Run everywhere: Embed macro in URL" in the bookmark menu then the macro is encoded in the URL (link). "PWN to OWN: Final Day (and another winner! More in the changelog. Contents, origins edit, the first contest was conceived and developed.

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It updates the Firefox connector to the latest version. We plan to add support again in the future.

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Context menus contextmenu Detects support for custom context menus. A b c Portnoy, Aaron. Only certain attacks were allowed and these restrictions were progressively loosened over the three days of the conference. Note that the property name must be provided in camelCase (e.g.

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Contestants must join the same network as the target laptop and perform their attack without user interaction and without authentication. Modernizr is a small piece of JavaScript code that automatically detects the availability of next-generation web technologies in your user's browsers. Archived from the original on April 4, 2012.

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It can also be used to remove the default styles of an element, such as input and buttons. Type The second is specced at and perhaps landing in WebKit i?id73528 Unknown devices are assumed as fast For more rigorous network testing, consider boomerang. The the /imacros-js:showsteps yes/no comment at the top of your Javascript file (including the overrides the global setting of "Show Javascript" checkbox in the option dialog.

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Edit After the successful 2007 contest, the scope of the Pwn2Own contest was expanded to include a wider array of operating systems and browsers. Ogg / 'probably' VML vml Detects support for VML. DataView dataview Detects support for the DataView interface for reading data from an ArrayBuffer as part of the Typed Array spec.

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Hashchange event hashchange Detects support for the hashchange event, fired when the current location fragment changes. simple c p of above.