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The company doesn't make any headline claims about server uptime on their site: the most we could find was an offer of a toll-free refund policy should you leave as a result of a server outage. This places Bluehost firmly in the individual, non-profit, and small business market, and makes it a good, solid choice for PHP applications like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. If you cancel after 30 days, you'll get a prorated refund.

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Beyond Windows passwords, Cain also cracks various Cisco passwords, routing proto-col hashes, VNC passwords, radius Shared Secrets, Win95/98 Password List (PWL) files, and Micro-soft SQL Server 2000 and MySQL passwords. Core - Unauthorized Login vulnerability (beb3d5fc-7ac5-11e5-b35a bf5) FreeBSD : Joomla! The foundations for Bluehost were laid in 1996, and the brand was launched in 2003 in Provo,.

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SimpleScripts permits easy one-click installs for useful scripts and programs. The company also provides domain registrations. Core - ACL Violation vulnerabilities (03e54e42-7ac6-11e5-b35a bf5) FreeBSD : mediawiki - multiple vulnerabilities (b973a e5-a2a bf5) FreeBSD : ntp - 13 low- and medium-severity vulnerabilities FreeBSD : codeigniter - multiple XSS vulnerabilities ( cf-11e5-a2a bf5) FreeBSD : Git - Execute arbitrary code (7f645ee5-7681-11e ac623e). FreeBSD : Apache httpd - multiple vulnerabilities FreeBSD : node. C (148) FreeBSD : Several vulnerabilities found in phpnuke (147) FreeBSD : SQL injection vulnerability in phpnuke (146) FreeBSD : Remote code injection in phpMyAdmin (142) FreeBSD : file disclosure in phpMyAdmin (141) FreeBSD : phpBB IP address spoofing (140) FreeBSD : Critical SQL injection.

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multiple vulnerabilities (624b45c0-c7f3-11e6-ae1b bf5) FreeBSD : xen-kernel - x86 PV guests may be able to mask interrupts (3ae078ca-c7eb-11e6-ae1b bf5) FreeBSD : Apache httpd - several vulnerabilities (httpoxy) FreeBSD : xen-kernel - x86: Mishandling of syscall singlestep during emulation (942433db-c661-11e6-ae1b bf5) FreeBSD : atheme-services. Js - multiple vulnerabilities FreeBSD : flash - remote code execution FreeBSD : urllib3 - certificate verification failure FreeBSD : FreeBSD - bhyve - privilege escalation vulnerability FreeBSD : flash - multiple vulnerabilities FreeBSD : mozilla - multiple vulnerabilities FreeBSD : Tor - remote denial.

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FreeBSD : Flash Player - multiple vulnerabilities FreeBSD : samba - Orpheus Lyre mutual authentication validation bypass (85851e4f-67d9-11e7-bc d4ae) (Orpheus' Lyre). There's also a drag and drop sitebuilder. He handed over the top job to Dan Handy, the former COO, in 2011.