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Protocol specific anonymizers edit, sometimes anonymizers are implemented to work only with one particular protocol. They can be used to prevent identity theft, or to protect search histories from public disclosure.

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The, change IP Country (cIPC) is our anonymizer program which acts as an http or FTP proxy. We recommend that users have prior knowledge of SSH clients and configuring applications to use socks proxies. See how it works. RFC 4949 (Reference from Censorship in Singapore#Internet ) Mixing welfare and elitism in Singapore Alex Au, Asia Times, November 23, 2006.

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Iran banned Tor US FBI uses 'Anonymizer trap' to catch online pedofiles (Security Focus website) About targeted advertising on an anonymizer (FastCompany Anonymizer website) - an article describing the typical targeted advertising avoidance by most anonymizer services, while this one enables continued online targeted marketing. The operation occurs in this manner: A connection is made by the user to the anonymizer. Supported Platforms, try it free for 14 days. As you never know if a given mix logs all connections or not, the only way to be really sure there is no logging is to run your own anonymizing mix node and blend your traffic with those of other users, who in turn need. Welcome to Change IP Country anonymizer program!

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(2006.) "Internet Filtering in Iran in : A Country Study". In this case either the desired application must support the tunneling protocol, or a piece of software must be installed to force all connections through the tunnel. Anonymizers are used for avoiding this kind of targeting and getting a more objective view of information. An anonymizer or an anonymous proxy is a tool that attempts to make activity on the. The anonymizer then makes a connection to the resource specified by the inbound command and relays the message with the command stripped out.

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(Reference from Censorship in Saudi Arabia#Internet ) (Reference from Censorship in North Korea - where internet access itself is illegal) "List of the 13 Internet enemies". Remove client-side scripting (i.e JavaScript Zakazat scripty. 8, anonymizers are also used by people who wish to receive objective information with the growing target marketing on the internet and targeted information.