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The paper discusses the effect of RF interference on satellite navigation and timing systems and introduces some real examples of disruption caused by real interference events. Plugin Description Maintainer Proj4Leaflet Proj4js integration plugin, allowing you to use all kinds of weird projections in Leaflet.

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History edit WebGL evolved out of the Canvas 3D experiments started by Vladimir Vukievi at Mozilla. Plugins that search for overlays and enhance how to display information about them. Finally, we caution attendees that without an adversarially-minded approach, machine learning offers early successes, but can quickly become a porous defense in the face of sophisticated adversaries. Memory corruption bugs in SQLite are usually not considered security issues, since they are normally unlikely to be exploitable.

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Typical usage is to switch them through yers to dynamically add/remove groups of markers from rkercluster. We will detail vulnerabilities and attacks we discovered recently in system firmware including uefi, Mac EFI and Coreboot which could lead to stealth and persistent firmware implants. As a result, avpass leaked significant detection features of commercial AVs and achieved almost zero detection from VirusTotal when tested with more than 5,000 malware. Presented By Jason Nichols Your datacenter isn't a bunch of computers, it is *a* computer. This talk will evaluate how different Team combinations can lead to more secure software.

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Alexey Gusev leaflet-choropleth Extends oJson to add a choropleth visualization (color scale based on value). If one looks at the many APT reports that have been released over the years, some clear patterns start to emerge. Presented By Kymberlee Price Angelo Prado Charles Valentine Lori Rangel Meet Chrysaor, one of the most sophisticated and elusive mobile spyware products. CRI scores range from 0100 and can be derived using existing training and simulated spear phishing/pen-testing methods that most organizations use. Speed can be further improved through multi-threading and optional GPU acceleration.

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OpacityControls Simple Leaflet controls to adjust the opacity of a map layer. You may want to begin by toying with the Develop menu option to "experience" pages you visit with and without JavaScript. Can be seen in action.

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The talk will highlight key findings such as networks/ASNs, the service's history across the underground marketplace, and relationships with other bulletproof hosters. " One important difference among all these choices is the degree of granularity each choice affords. We will demo the detection network, show of some of the historical data and bring sensors to Black Hat for everyone to see and play with. Additionally, proof-of-concept attack tools are developed in order to exploit wind farm control network design and implementation vulnerabilities. JavaScript Blocker applies its own whitelist and blacklist rules to assess the scripts your browser encounters when you visit a site.