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You might want to subscribe to the newsletter to get updates on this. Others are more radical and prevent you from reading content or forward adblock users to another site. You can even download the complete files.

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How to detect an adblocker? Even if you come up with a non suspicious name, the adblock developer might add it to the filter, because some of the adblock users might feel disturbed by this method.

PHP AdBlock Detection script

Basically, I would divide the methods into two groups. Log ad blocker installed else console.

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So the most simple working code example would be the following: script type"text/javascript" if ( ba_blocked true ) alert You are using adblock. The most interesting in my opinion. The other more popular approach is that you create a file called /ads. Some adblock test scripts like the great one from.

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I was wondering if the Adblock developers were considering implementation to counteract these attempts to nullify the use of an adblocker (especially such a great one as Adblock Plus). This article will describe how to implement anti adblock strategies with JavaScript or PHP. Since the web exists, advertising has been a way for webmasters and site owners to make money.

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Js or more complex, especially if they are design to work only on specific websites. The adblocker now monitors the http-requests and compares them to the filters. Ad blockers were born. See this gist for a full example of code you can include into your.

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Other websites choose a diplomatic approach, asking their readers to whitelist their site, or make a small donation. We are using setTimeout to take care of asynchronous Google AdSense that may not load immediately. Hiding content from users with an adblocker is definitely easy. This might be fine with a simple message, but might cause problems with the following snippet for a site redirect (if it is not the same website). An ajax request is sent whenever the JS script notices that the users AdBlock status has changed.