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Browsers do not live up to that expectation, some are not that dynamic and while they may implement some of the Core DOM level 1 methods such as getElementById They do not necessarily implement large parts of the various DOM standards, including all of the. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (rhel) and, sUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

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The object has two properties, getScrollX and getScrollY, which are assigned the values of two anonymous function expressions. Write You're using IE11 or above else if (ieversion 10) document.

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The replace method uses a Regular Expression (its first argument) to identify parts of a string and then replaces them with a string that is provided as its second argument. The user never gets an expectation that the script will not be able to deliver (at least that is the theory, it is still possible for the user's browser configuration to prevent scripts from writing to the clipboard, but the user might be expected.

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A returned NaN value can be tested for with the - isNaN - global function, but it should not be necessary to perform the isNaN test on more than the first retrieval because if the returned value is NaN it will always be NaN and. This function uses a recursive method to find positioned elements within positioned elements but most DOM nodes on yers browsers cannot be referenced at all. Write You're using.x else document.

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element could not be found. Incidentally, this code is not the optimum method of assigning a boolean value based on the type converted to boolean result of a property accessor. Browsers Differences, as browsers have evolved they have offered more features to javascript. One of the most popular strategies for handling the differences between web browsers was browser detecting based on the User Agent string.