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The next question is, if one circumvents anti-adblock defenses or even an inactive, pure-CSS method of blocking Adblock as described above are they in violation of the dmca anti-circumvention laws? Just click on the Site Info icon as shown in the screenshot and disable the. Did that constitute some invasion of user privacy? Javascript can be used to show the page and not hide. It is simply creating a dependency within the page code.

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Js' / If the file is not called, the variable does not exist 'fuckAdBlock' / This means that AdBlock is present if(typeof fuckAdBlock 'undefined adBlockDetected else / andor fuckAdBlock. VN:F.9.22_1171 please wait. This, however, sounds crazy complicated and is a significant overhead for 'just' a script that detects AdBlock. Note: In this scenario, the javascript isnt blocking anyone, it is piggy-backing in an already blocked script and actively revealing the page.

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There is no way to automatically redirect only users that have javascript disabled. The most interesting in my opinion. The main reason for favoring a plugin over a code snippet is that a plugin can be updated by its author as soon as theres a change in the way Adblock works. Log ad blocker installed else console. This is not useful for an ad (not clickable but might help you display an other message.

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They can detect ads on a website and block them. People who are using ad blockers arent likely to click on ads anyways, so it kinda makes sense. Knowing this, save the following JavaScript code which creates a hidden div to a file called "ads.

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You see the catch. Some websites decide to do nothing against ad blockers.

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Detecting visitors with JavaScript off, some users also choose to disable JavaScript by default, to prevent many things such as popups being open, etc. Here instead of hiding entire web page you can also use either of the redirect option place or ef var get_ad_H if(get_ad_H "0 / similar behavior as an http redirect ml / similar behavior as clicking on a link ef "http yourwebpage/Ad_ml Please find the. Plugins Add New in your WordPress dashboard.