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On the other hand, some ads are so annoying that people who use an ad blocker can definitely be understood. BAN : a blocked ads notifier plugin with statistics. It lets you replace blocked ads with a custom message. This is the basic implementation for an anti adblock stategy in WordPress.

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If you are such a blogger, its probable that you are searching for a way to detect who are blocking your ads so that you can take some measures to retrieve some changes for bringing in income. Redirect adblock user with PHP code. This file is using the blacklisted name adframe so were gonna fool Adblock and make it block the file, mistaking it for a genuine. Luckily, this is an easy job because Ad Blocking Detector includes a built-in widget which simplifies the work. As ads brought lots of money, many people abused the model, displaying video ads, ads blocking contents, popups, etc.

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For instance, you can display a newsletter form in place of ads to Adblock users. I personally respect adblock users and would first think about the friendly message telling them how the usage of adblock reflects on my sites content by limiting the ressources I have to build them.

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Ad Blocking menu item, open the, advanced Settings tab, and hit the Automatically Install Plugin button below the status list. If ( defined BA_adblock_enabled BA_adblock_enabled true ) br / echo "You are using adblock. Clicking on, appearance Widgets, you can see a widget named Ad Blocking Detector is available in the widget list. Please read our disclaimer on how we fund Exxponent. This plugin is currently in its beta and we welcome your critical feedback and request for additional features, which we will incorporate in the first official version of the plugin.

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More importantly, it collects data, so you can figure out how your site is affected by ad blocking tools. However, wed suggest you tailor a message or image to kindly ask the visitors to whitelist your site or require them to take other actions. If you dont add anything custom, there is still a default message which tells that an ad blocker is detected. So on the first page a user visits the constant is false even if he uses an ad filter. Others are more radical and prevent you from reading content or forward adblock users to another site.