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For others (some decent folks, some not, some paranoid or activists there's the desire to have NO traces of any kind, by anyone, on any our their Internet activity. Gold Membership to gain access to our API. Home learn online Privacy »  Staying Anonymous, most of us don't think too much about being anonymous. Dronten, region, provincie Flevoland, country, netherlands.

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Detailed Check, here is the detailed information which your browser told. In our every day lives and even when we are online. Quick Check, your IP address. Anonymity Advocates, supporters of total for Internet anonymity argue that it is the most important aspect of free speech on the Internet. We don't want to be victims of identity theft or other Internet scams.

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It is perfect for checking proxy or socks servers, providing information about your VPN server and scanning black lists for your IP address. We do have some control when it comes to limiting our risk our exposure online. Our phone numbers are "listed and our names are right next to them.

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If your IP address is shown in any of the http headers below, then your IP address is exposed: you are either using a transparent proxy or no proxy at all. Internet anonymity is a little different.

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We can control only so much. If youve got questions about IP addresses and cant find the answer on our site, feel free to post your question in our forum. After connecting to a proxy server, you should always carry out an anonymity test to evaluate your proxy anonymity. And we don't want any of it hijacked by hackers and crooks.

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If you want to embed our videos in your site, read our embedding T Cs here. If you went shopping at a mall, you wouldn't give your name, address and phone number to any store that asked for.