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script var fuckAdBlock false; /script script After that, you are free to create your own instances: fuckAdBlock new FuckAdBlock; / andor myFuckAdBlock new FuckAdBlock( checkOnLoad: true, resetOnEnd: true). Js: npm install fuckadblock, code example / Function called if AdBlock is not detected function adBlockNotDetected alert AdBlock is not enabled / Function called if AdBlock is detected function adBlockDetected alert AdBlock is enabled / Recommended audit because AdBlock lock the file 'fuckadblock. Loved by some, hated by others, Ad blockers have become an important factor to consider when owning or developing a website. It detects ad blockers pretty well. Js) itself being loaded, not the output.

Adblock Detection on Any Website

Maybe it's over the top or paranoid but it covers for ad blocking systems that block only one or two out of the selection and therefore may not have been covered had you only done the one check. Page elements that match standard ad dimensions are also hidden. The way you use it on your website is up to you. We are using setTimeout to take care of asynchronous Google AdSense that may not load immediately.

Detecting AdBlock without an extra http overhead

We have run these tests billions of times, and have now refined them to the point that we can accurately detect when a user is blocking ads using adblock. Fact is, we started an arms race with that nobody can win.

Detecting Adblock on your WordPress site - CatsWhoCode

Hiding content from users with an adblocker is definitely easy. Greasemonkey on Firefox or, tampermonkey for Opera or Chrome. As always, theres more to this than meets the eye.

AdBlock with JavaScript - Web Geek

Im not going into the ethics of ad blocking or detecting ad blockers. Subscribe to Filter List for the specific ad-blocker you are using on your browser. Dont run on pages of this domain. The other more popular approach is that you create a file called /ads. Disclaimer, should you do something against people visiting your site with an ad blocker on?