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NT, careful: if you use this batch file without closing Firefox, you may need to manually purge Firefox's cache to reenable display of pictures in web pages: Tools menu, Options, Privacy tab, Clear Now button, deselect everything but Cache, OK button. This means to detect if the user is using Opera 15, we can simply look for the "OPR token inside userAgent, and to detect the specific version, parse out the floating point number that follows. Easily imported into Access, Excel, MySQL others.

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Write You're using Opera.x else if (oprversion 7) document. T.22 Display the validity of hyperlinks in a group of locally stored html files NT Requires wget and CUT.

Show a message if the browser is not internet explorer

Let's see exactly what these properties reveal of the browser you're currently using : At a glance. W2K, written by Carlos. 1 2 3 4 jQuery.

Using the navigator object to detect client's browser

It also uses navigator. Write You're using Opera.x or above else if (oprversion 9) document. Write You're using.x or above else if (ffversion 4) document. Note that some variants of older IE versions also contain "Trident" in its userAgent string, so do not rely just on "Trident" alone to separate IE11 from the rest of the herd- it's only the presence of both "Trident' and a "rv" token that uniquely.

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In version.20 the speed of processing has been improved by Jeroen Verschuuren. AppVersion After all, you are trying to detect a browser's name and version right? T.01, display the page count for the specified PDF file(s).

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Write n/a /script Output: Basically, I'm capturing just the v rsionMinor portion of the full version number of Firefox (ie: becomes simply.0 and using that as basis to detect the various versions of Firefox. Platform, the platform of the client's computer (ie: Win32). 1 dexOf msie -1 / IE11 or above Boolean Or, should you only be interested in detecting IE browsers less than 11, the following will do: var ie10andbelow dexOf msie!