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Txt ( e905dcd ) fix revert artefacts ( e2af987 ) allow local and github dists ( 47c21ef ) ensure files are copied to dist ( b4e139c ) Remove copying of jquery-latest files ( c34ed46 ) remove revert artefacts ( c69673f ) push dist to same. Js testing, test on latest Node. Shows info about the selected video: size, resolution, codec, duration, description Video LightBox.8 (March 29, 2010) * Video LightBox supports Facebook video now!

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Save your web video gallery as project file. Easing._default in Animation and Tween ( 6d7ef56 ) Add tests for een ( cdaed15 ) Adding unit tests for imation ( b3b2d6c ) Reintroduce use of requestAnimationFrame ( #15147, 72119e0 ) Event html5 drop events inherit from MouseEvent ( #2009, d7e5fce ) Ensure delegation doesnt. Play button over the thumbnail! Easing._default ( #2219, b7f9e62 ) Remove needless operations in tests ( 13040b6 ) add back rinkWrapBlocks for ie6 ( 1f85ded ) fix failing tests in IE8 ( fe6afa8 ) Fix tests ( 29561bc ) Adding unit tests for imation ( 0ff8057 ) Event Use form.

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Less than 1 KB (minified and gzipped jSON native implementation (activated or not all browsers support (desktop and mobile devices). Users will now be able to call the.addClass.removeClass.toggleClass and.hasClass methods on SVG. Example, to test our plugin, please select a user-agent below: My user-agent: Preset user-agent: Windows 7 - IE 9Windows Vista - Firefox 31Windows XP - Firefox 25Mac.8 - Safari.1Ubuntu - Chromium 36Android.4 - Chrome MobileAndroid.2 - Default browserWindows Phone.1.

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UniqueSort will become the documented method. Now you are ready to publish your website video gallery online or to a local drive for testing. Step 1 - Adding video to website gallery. Support for short links, for example: html5 Video. Easing._default ( #2219, 5f2ea40 ) Remove tests for imation een ( a5864ae ) Improve raf logic ( 708764f ) Finish should call progress ( #2283, 3dd3d13 ) manually revert two requestAnimationFrame commits ( 0a98623 ) add tests for jQuery.

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Group : The group name of the browser (see all possibilities below). Type in your username and password for the connection.

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Orientation : The orientation type of the window: "portrait" or "landscape". Download, current version:.3, to download or fork this project, please visit our. Step 3 - Publishing of Video LightBox. Fully responsive slideshow, desktop and Mobile devices supported, less than 4 KB (minified and gzipped).