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Mick Douglas Building an Infosec Program from Ground Zero: From the Coat Closet to the Data Center David Albaugh How to Not Cheat on Your Spouse: What Ashley Madison Can Teach Us About OpSec Joey Maresca Windows Timelines in Minutes. Long live the Pineapple David Young 1/16/2016 Shmoocon Firetalks 2016 Videos from Shmoocon Firetalks 2016. Devices such as printers, scanners, cameras and USB flash drives have internally stored firmware; some devices may also permit field upgrading of their firmware. Dan Benway Midwestern Nice - Stereotype or Enterprise Threat? Sorry for the off audio timings, this is the first time I've used OBS Studio for a con and I was testing new capture gear.

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Special thanks to Mike Doug for having me out, Steen, Zappo Jeremy for their house AV work, and n0ty3p, Forest, Nick, James others I'm forgetting for their help recording Track 1 Keynote: A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace John Perry Barlow The Tales. Wendy Nather Tarnished Silver Bullets Wolfgang Goerlich A Top 10 List for Better AppSec (Hint: It's Not the owasp Top Ten) Dave Ferguson AppSec Behaviors for DevOps Breed Security Culture Change Chris Romeo The 4 Eyes of Information Security Fernando Montenegro Practical Security Recommendations from.

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But if you still can't see the app and its icon, then you'll be unable to take advantage of free Windows 10 upgrade offer. Mental Health in Infosec: Hackers, Hugs, Drugs Amanda Berlin Got Vendors?

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Remove Gum From Hair, when I was in elementary school I had really long hair, and I used to have a real problem with somehow managing to get my gum stuck in my hair. Dan Tentler The Art of AV Evations - Or Lack Thereof Chris Truncer Understanding Offensive and Defense - Having a purple view on infosec Dave Kennedy Breaking the Teeth of Bluetooth Padlocks Adrian Crenshaw PowerShell Phishing Response Toolkit Josh Rickard Championing a Culture of Privacy.

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Customer-to-pentester:No, I will make you cry! Mike Schiebel Track 6 Integrated Software in Networking _ the Mystery of SDN Oliver Schuermann Securing our Future: Lessons From the Human Immune System Gavin Hill Have you tied together your IAM and Information Security Incident Management Program? Murphy John Pollack The Domain Name System (DNS) - Operation, Threats, and Security Intelligence Tom Kopchak Insiders are the New Malware Brian Vecci Cloud Security; Introduction To Fedramp Sese Bennet Cloud Access Security Broker - 6 Steps To Addressing Your Cloud Risks Matt Bianco Not.