Harden Windows 10 - A Security Guide

When outbound blocking is turned on, it only allows the programs and services you specify to talk to the net. It is set to 'not configured' in the Configuration Pack, which is the default. For example, Norton 360 includes antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, smart firewall, network monitoring, parental controls, anti-spam and more. Enforce long password/passphrase See Automated Configuration section. If a site is known to deliver malware, you will see a red danger icon next.

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SmartCard removal policy and wwan autoconfig are all dependent on specific hardware. That's because one successful attack will give the attackers admin rights over your machine. By default, if a web server is within your network (like a company internal web server then Protected mode is disabled. JUN/7/2015 edit : Version.312-8 of Sophos UTM supports TLS.2.

Sophos UTM Tutorial: VirtualBox, deployment

Conclusion, download the Sophos UTM v9 software appliance ISO by registering for UTM. The System account is present in almost all files and folders, but it doesn't need to be as far it can be determined.

Harden Windows 7, sP1 64bit

The 'Administrator' account is by default disabled. Some of them are GUI components needed by the system.

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SSH to the UTM internal interface as loginuser, then su to root. There are some services which activate if you have the right equipment, like Adaptive Brightness, which works with computers that have a light sensor.

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(Secunias PSI program will also tell you when new security patches or program versions have been made, as mentioned previously). Set IE to use Protected Mode for all zones. Components that allow remote management are also turned off - like Remote Registry, WMI Performance Adapter and Windows Remote Management. In this optional but recommended step we remove support for 3DES and RC4 for web proxy connections out to the internet. The problem is that if we extend SRP to allow programs to execute from this folder, then an attacker can place his tools in this folder and they will get the same permissions, all because the folder is under Users, and is user writable.