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It is best not to assume that your virus scanner is set up to scan incoming email correctly. Dll on your system.

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Test your system by visiting Shields Up, Steve Gibson's hugely informative (but rather poorly designed) site and do whatever he advises. Far from it - the success of their products has been a major contribution to the growth of the wonderful worldwide web. Subscribe to Fred Langa's newsletter and receive twice weekly a highly informative roundup of net news.

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If you want to keep the file, start up Word and then copy and paste the contents of the attachment from the viewer to a new.doc. Without the attachment being opened. Never open ANY attachments without scanning them for viruses first. There are measures you can take to avoid these nuisances becoming damaging, but turning off Javascript would seriously reduce the net's functionality, so it's not a realistic option.

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As well as Microsoft's own, windows Update and (for Office users office Update services, which require ActiveX and even then sometimes don't work, you can download patch installation files directly (for archiving or network installation) from. According to the reviews from previous customers, StealthGenie used a lot of data, which significantly reduced the battery life. ActiveX is another story completely. If you are on a LAN and do want to share files and printers locally you need to set up a non-internet protocol - ISP/SPX or Netbeui. Eventually we will offer an automatic upload of your materials to the site, but for now you can email me directly at swerner at uidaho dot edu.

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Always use a file viewer or WordPad to read files with.doc extension. Like, netiquette, this page exists so I don't have to keep sending the same advice to my friends. When any app tries to connect, you decide whether to allow it or block. If you set up your protection to be always on, your antivirus program *should* remind you when your signatures need updating. Similarly to existing monitoring apps, StealthGenie allowed: Call tracking and recording; Reading SMS and email; Accessing users multimedia files, address book and calendar; Checking browsing history and accessing bookmarks; Listening to surroundings and recording the sounds; Getting notifications regarding SIM card changes and entering certain.

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Be cautious of attachments, this used to be the first rule of email, and you should already know this. Even 'innocent' files which you are expecting from known senders may be infected either by a virus residing unidentified in their machine or even (theoretically) en route. Here I intend to address myths and genuine security issues relating to Javascript, Cookies and ActiveX. Actions TO take: Get a good anti-virus programme and configure it to (at least) scan every file as it is created or downloaded.

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These are known as 'spyware'. One might even be so cynical as to suggest Microsoft's 'Safe Computing' campaign is a smoke-screen for incompetence and mendaciousness on a scale unprecedented in the history of capitalist endeavour, and that since the American judicial system so comprehensively failed to punish their illegal past. This will allow you to run experiments in the change blindness paradigm.