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A user with All-Object Authority cannot be controlled. Job Control Authority jobctl) : Job Control Authority can be used to power down the system or toterminate subsystems or individual jobs at any time, even during critical operational periods. Spool Control Authority splctl) : Spool Control authority gives the user read and modify all spooled objects (reports, job queue entries, etc.) on your system. Save and Restore Authority savsys) : This authority allows the user to backup and restore objects.

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Such a user can manipulate the system values that control auditing and control user and object auditing. Audit Authority audit ) : Audit Authority puts a user in control of the system auditing functions. This authority should be reserved to essential administration personnel only. Job Control Authority provides the capability to control other user?

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The risk with savsys Authority is that a user with this authority can save all objects (including the most sensitive files) to disk (save file delete any object (with the Free Storage option restore the file to an alternate library, and then view and alter. The user need not have authority to those objects. Service Authority service) : Service Authority provides the user with the ability to change system hardware and disk configurations, to sniff network traffic and to put programs into debug mode (troubleshooting mode) and see their internal workings.

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Lines, controllers, devices including the system's TCP/IP and Internet connection information. System Configuration Authority iosyscfg) : System communication configuration authority can also be used to set up nearly invisible access from the outside as a security officer - without needing a password. Should the user alter the information, they would have the ability to replace the production object with their saved version.

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The system services tools include the ability to trace systems functions and to patch and alter user made and IBM delivered programs on disk manipulate data on disk. All-Object Authority allobj) : This is the most powerful authority on any AS400 system.