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3227 DiamondWave NMS Server. 3559 cctv control port.

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3807 SpuGNA Communication Port. 3707 Real-Time Event Secure Port. Previous in TCP/IP.NET Sockets FAQ Next in TCP/IP.NET Sockets FAQ Previous Post Next Post comments powered by Disqus. 3504 IronStorm game server.

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Very useful for developers and data analytics professionals. 3006, instant Internet Admin.

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3133 Prism Deploy User Port. 3708 Sun App Svr - Naming. 3868 sctp, TCP diameter. 3319 SDT License Manager. 3197 Embrace Device Protocol Server.

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A new socket connection cannot determine the validity of an existing connection in all cases. 3539 IBM Directory Server SSL.

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3742 CST - Configuration Service Tracker. E.g., if the protocol is based on a polling scheme, then the side doing the polling does not need explicit keepalive handling, but the side responding to the polling likely does need explicit keepalive handling.

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In all of the situations above, it is possible that one side may be aware of the loss of connection, while the other side is not. How to install Ruby on Rails from source - Tutorial on installing Ruby and Rails from source.