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Tntup, wed May 24, 2017 3:25. Android, che permette di eliminare gli annunci pubblicitari (noti anche come ads, dall'inglese ad vertisement s ) contenuti in molte pagine web (su Android anche dalle altre applicazioni) con conseguente risparmio di tempo di download e di banda. Adblock Plus for Android support, everything about using the stand-alone Adblock Plus app on Android 12 Posts, last post by mapx.

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6.5 87748 Download 207 Vista UAC Maker Vista has introduced new feature called UAC (User Account Control). 5.0 34030 Download 200 Twitter Blocker Twitter Blocker is the free tool to quickly Block or Unblock Twitter on your Windows system.

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To do so, open Androids Settings screen, tap Apps to view a list of installed apps, and then tap the name of the app thats showing notification ads. Lookout Ad Network Detector : Scans your phone for common ad networks and categorizes them for example, you can see which apps can display ads in the notification bar. AppBrain Ad Detector (free while the AppBrain Ad Detector can block pop-ups and ads, the way it goes about it is different. No tem na Play Store. 3.0 31149 Download 135 Password Sniffer Spy Password Sniffer Spy is the all-in-one Password Sniffing Tool to capture your Email, Web and FTP login passwords passing.

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3.0 25219 Download 53 Fenrir Password Decryptor Fenrir Password Decryptor is a free tool to instantly recover your lost 'Fenrir Pass Connect' password stored by Sleipnir. URL consultato il 12 dicembre 2011. Some Ad blocker apps may also hamper functionality on certain sites. It can also be used to recover password. The annoying ads made their way to mobiles as soon as the platform become relevant, which left plenty of consumers looking for the best ad blocker apps.

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If you still cant pin down the offending application, try the following app instead: Advertisement, addons Detector : Enable the Notification Monitor in this app and it will monitor the notifications that appear on your device, telling you which app displayed them. SuperBlock AdBlocker for Chrome, this is another AdBlock fork and appears to be by the same developer as AdRemover.

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One issue is Adblock hasnt been updated since January 2015. Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer support. 5.0 85080 Download 151 Router Password Kracker Router Password Kracker is a free software to recover the lost password of your Router. Entrambi questi fork hanno questo il loro scopo l'opzione per la whitelist disabilitata di default.