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The easiest way to accomplish this is via the. Like all anonymous communication networks that are fast enough for web browsing, Tor is vulnerable to statistical "traffic confirmation" attacks, where the adversary watches traffic at both ends of a circuit and confirms his guess that they're communicating. If so, you should learn about Tor bridges. These clogging attacks are not that scary in the Tor context so long as relays are never clients too.

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Who Uses The Tor Project? Read the FAQ entry on issues you might encounter if you use the default exit policy, and then read Mike Perry's tips for running an exit node with minimal harassment.

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How stable does my relay need to be? I want to use Chrome/IE/Opera/etc with Tor.

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It's fine if the relay goes offline sometimes. By exploiting a vulnerability in a third-party application used by a dark marketplace, it is possible to install a backdoor on the server, revealing its location and the identities of its operators. First, Tor protects the network communications.

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It has an IP of 192.168.x.y you'll need to set up port forwarding. Also, Bittorrent over Tor is not anonymous! You just simply delete the folder or directory named "Tor Browser" and it is removed from your system.